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We’re Back

As of 2:33 AM on Wednesday April 26, The Wall Street Examiner was back up and running after 30 hours offline. The site was restored from a backup. We will be missing a few posts posted Monday. The normal posting schedule of all reports will resume this morning The cause of the server failure is undetermined. I will be looking for…

What To Do? Meat Grinder Market Denies Trading Profits

Chopping like this is a feature of rangebound, meat grinder markets, making them extremely difficult to trade on the basis of intermediate swings. Market Update Pro subscribers click here to download the complete market update, including the proprietary cycle screens report in pdf format. Not yet a subscriber? Try the Market Update Pro risk free for 90 days If, within that…

Server Technical Problems

We are experiencing issues with slow page rendering and broken links. We’re aware of the problem and are looking for the cause and a fix. Thanks for your patience! Update 6:41 PM ET. The server is under DoS attack. We have temporarily instituted additional security measures. When you first entered the site your browser underwent a security test. This measure…

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Trump Unveils Major Tax Overhaul

Saturday is the president’s 100th day on the throne. And Trump strikes us as a fellow sweating to get something done, against some sort of odds. His own party reformed health care reform into the wastebasket… Judges banned his travel ban… The big, beautiful wall remains a big, beautiful fantasy. But this afternoon the president’s […]